1. How To Keep Sponges Clean

You used sponges to clean and scrub your cutlery, dishes, pots, pans, utensils and so on.  They are in contact with grease, sauces, crumbs and grit.  It is always damp most of the time, a perfect home for germs.  Therefore, sponges should be sanitized as well to get rid of these germs.  Simply microwave your sponges for about 2 minutes and that should kill about 99% of them.

  1. Easy Way To Clean Fan Blades

Do not throw away your old pillow cases as you can use them to easily clean your fan blades.  The dust stuck on your fan blades is wiped into the pillow case rather than dropping them on your face and floor.

  1. How To Clean An Iron

If you have a dirty iron sole plate, just follow the steps below and your iron dirt will be removed as it would have been transferred to the salt.

i.Cover the ironing board with old pillowcase or a cloth

ii.Pour salt over it

iii.Set the iron to its highest

iv.Iron the salt

4.Remove hard water from shower head

It is very common for the shower head to have some spray nozzles spraying water sideways after sometime and it just means that hard water has formed.  Hard water can be easily removed.  All you need is to mix the same amount of water and vinegar together.  Soak the shower head in the solution for about 30 minutes and the hard water will be removed.  You can now get a nice shower again.

5.Fix surface scratches on wood

Wood can be easily scratched and if is just a surface scratch, it is easily resolved by yourself.  All you need to do is to mix vinegar and olive oil together.  The portion should be 1 portion of vinegar and 3 portions of olive oil.  Use a rug to dip in the solution and rub it on the wood surface.  Leave the wood to dry and you will have no more surface scratches.

6.How not to get dusty laminated cabinets and table tops so quickly

Place one or 2 drops of softener in your pail of water.  Rinse your cleaning rug in the cleaning solution and start cleaning your cabinets.  This will result in not having dusty laminated cabinets that quickly.

7.How to make cleaning grills easy

Before you use start grilling, cut a big onion into half.  Rub the cut onion on the heated grills.  This will prevent the food from sticking on the grills.

8.How to bring back your sparkling glassware

Prepare vinegar solution in a 1:1 proportion mix with vinegar and water.  Place your cloudy glassware in this solution and let it soak for an hour.  For extremely cloudy glassware, you can increase your vinegar proportion.  After soaking, you can use a sponge to clean the glassware in the solution.

9.How to remove hard water stains naturally

It is unavoidable that water stains will get accumulated on your facets.  An easy way to remove them is to use lemon.  Sliced the lemon into half and rub it on the water stains.  Wait for several minutes before rinsing over warm water.  You will see that the hard water stains are gone.

10.How to clean glass and mirror naturally

First prepare vinegar solution in proportion of 1:1 vinegar and water respectively in a spray bottle.  Spray the glass and mirror surfaces and with a crushed newspaper, clean these surfaces and there you have spotless glass and mirror.

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