Deep Carpet Cleaning Service

What Can Be In Your Carpet? 


Mold, bacteria, fleas and dust mites are common living things in the carpet. Others could be food crumps and dust.  If you have pets, pet dander will be in there too.  Though daily vacuuming can remove some of these but definitely not all.  Accumulation of these living and non-living things in your carpet is definitely not a good idea.  This could possibly be a health concern to some who are sensitive and allergic. Therefore, seek professional help for deep carpet cleaning service.

It is recommended by experts in the hygiene and cleaning industry that carpet should be vacuum daily but a deep carpet cleaning should be done about once a year depending on the condition of your carpet for a healthy environment.  If your carpet is light in color, many residents and with pets in the house, this would mean you have a high carpet traffic.


When You Need To Deep Clean Your Carpets 


You may need to have a deep carpet clean more frequently comparing to one that has lesser traffic.  Make sure you hire carpet cleaning professionals for such deep carpet cleaning services.  Though you may want to invest in your own equipment to have a regular cleaning but it will not be the same as hiring a professional to do deep clean for you.  It is not cheap with such professional service but it is a necessity if you want to keep your family and yourself safe from all the hidden crawlies in your carpet.  Professional carpet cleaning company uses extremely powerful machines to give your carpet a comprehensive cleaning ensuring no more harmful things are left behind.

Different carpets may require different cleaning methods and it is best to leave this to the professional carpet cleaners.  Do you have any of the below carpets that need a deep cleaning?

  • Wool Carpet
  • Oriental Carpet
  • Persian Carpet

5 common carpet cleaning methods used by cleaning companies;

Carpet shampooing is not as popular now as it takes a long time for the carpet to dry.  It leaves residues in the carpet and may be sticky after it dries up.
Encapsulation cleaning uses synthetic foam as the cleaning agent.  When dried, it will crystallize into powder, loosening the dirt particles in the carpet, ready to be vacuumed.
Bonnet Cleaning is also known as carbonated cleaning.  The cleaning solution is either squeezed or sprayed on the carpet or soaked onto the spinning pads in the brushing machine to absorb dirt from the carpet surface.
Wet cleaning is also known as steam cleaning.  First, the carpet gets conditioned with cleaning solution to loosen up any soils and substances trapped within the carpet.  Then steam is injected into the carpet.  Lastly, using a powerful machine, the solution in the carpet is extracted.
Dry Cleaning is also known as absorbent cleaners whereby a mixture of powder, a little water and solvent are worked into the carpet to dissolve any soil in the carpet and then absorb the soil which will be vacuumed into the machine.

Professional cleaners know what deep cleaning method to use to give the best results for you.

Why Choose Cleaning Edge Services 

WHEN CLEAN ABSOLUTELY MATTERS! Cleaning Edge Services is your one stop professional cleaners.  We simply clean thoroughly and you sit back and relax.  We have many years of experience in deep carpet cleaning and we understand that hiring a reliable cleaning company is of utmost importance to you.  Therefore, Cleaning Edge Services ensure all our cleaners are well trained and qualified professionals to clean your carpet thoroughly and efficiently up to your satisfaction.  Our cleaners pay attention to details and tackle every corners of the house.

Let us take care of your cleaning so you can have a peace of mind.


Reach us at 97879108 or email us at for cleaning quote. Alternatively, send us a request via our convenient contact form.  We will response to you within 3 working days.


Deep Carpet Cleaning

1) Why is it necessary for carpets to be deep cleaned?
Deep cleaning removes difficult and hardened dust and dirt that normally regular carpet cleaning won’t. Deep cleaning extends the longevity and promotes environmental health.

2) What do I need to do prior to getting my carpets cleaned?
Sweep the carpets clean of dust and dirt. If the carpet is in the rooms, remove all small furniture like chairs or stool, small rugs, book case…etc.

3) How often do I need to get my carpets professionally cleaned?
To keep the carpets in your business in good shape, we recommend setting up your business on a carpet care program to provide regular care and maintenance which can help extend the life of your carpets. It’s best to get your carpets cleaned quarterly using our low moisture method to remove soil before it gets ground-in your carpet fibers. By doing a quarterly carpet cleaning, you may only need a professional deep cleaning carpet service once a year.

4) How often should I need to deep clean my carpets?
This will depend on the carpet traffic intensity, the location of the carpet and the manufactures requirements.

General Cleaning

1) Will I need to sign a contract?
No contract is needed to be signed.

2) How much will it cost to clean my home?
It will depend on several factors like size and type of your house, frequency of cleaning required, house condition and estimated duration of cleaning.

3) Are there any minimum hours of service per cleaning session?
No there is none. However, based on your size of your house and the type of cleaning you needed, we will recommend the minimum required cleaning hours.

4) What if I have to cancel?
We require a 48-hour notice for any cancellation.  Without a 48 hour notice we will have to charge for the full cleaning.

5) Will I always have the same cleaning person?
It is possible to have the same cleaner all the time. Sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances this isn’t possible. We will update you if there is any change in cleaners.

6) Do we have to be home for the cleaning?
We do recommend that someone should be in the house when the cleaners are there.
But if the situation presents as such that no will be around in the house, that is fine with us.

7) What if I need the cleaner to do extra cleaning for me?
Yes, this can be arranged and there will be an additional charge of S$30 for each cleaner for every hour extension.

8) Are we able to customize the cleaning services or the cleaning package?
Yes, you certainly can. We will try our utmost to help you with your cleaning request.

9) What happens if my items are damaged/lost?
Do inform us at once when a damage happens or items are lost. We will render our assistance and cooperate fully

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