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Your fabric sofa is the main furniture that adds contemporary vibe to your home.  It is also the comfortable central resting spot for both your family and friends to gather.  Depending on the quality of the fabric material, each has a different lifespan.  In addition, the fabric colors tend to fade with time and excessive use.  Some other problems with fabric sofa are non-stain resistant.  They trap dust, dirt, bacteria and other micro-organisms.  If you have pets at home, it traps dander shed by some pets.  More importantly, these are potential allergens causing asthma, allergies, eye dryness, sneezing and skin irritations.

A good fabric sofa is pretty costly and it is advisable to put some effort to prevent it from deteriorating faster than it should.  This is more economical than replacing your sofa.  Good regular cleaning of your fabric sofa not only prolong the lifespan but it also ensures that your family members are protected against the harmful allergens and bacteria.

If cleaning is not your forte, leave this task to the fabric sofa cleaning services expert who knows exactly how to handle your problem. We use specially formulated shampoo suitable for the difference types of fabric using advance high-powered equipment to get your sofa cleaned.



Professional Cleaning Process of your Fabric Sofa

  • Pre-inspection to determine the method of cleaning and solution to use
  • Shampoo and Sanitization
  • Post-inspection to ensure all dirt and soil removed

Why Choose Cleaning Edge Services 

WHEN CLEAN ABSOLUTELY MATTERS! Cleaning Edge Services is your one stop professional cleaners.  We simply clean thoroughly and you sit back and relax.  We have many years of experience in fabric sofa cleaning services and we understand that hiring a reliable cleaning company is of utmost importance to you.  Therefore, Cleaning Edge Services ensure all our cleaners are well trained and qualified professionals to clean your fabric sofa thoroughly and efficiently up to your satisfaction.  Let us take care of your cleaning so you can have a peace of mind.

You may also be interested in other cleaning services such as spring cleaning, weekend cleaning, and many others.  We will definitely have a cleaning service that will fit your needs and budget. Furthermore, our services are flexible and customizable to match your every cleaning requirement.


Reach us at 97879108 or email us at enquiry@cleaningedgeservices.com for cleaning quote. Alternatively, send us a request via our convenient contact form.  We will response to you within 3 working days.


Elena has 2 sets of beautiful 5-seater European sized fabric sofa at home.  They are very well maintained as she used to hire sofa cleaning services every 6 months to a year.

“I used to hire another upholstery cleaning service provider but he is on holiday for month.  As I needed my sofa cleaned before overseas guests come to visit me.  I came to know of Cleaning Edge Services from a friend who commented that they are very reliable.  True enough, I am very pleased with the services they provided.” 

Elena Soh


Upholstery Cleaning

1) Why should I get upholstered cleaned?
You can use basic cleaning agents to clean upholstery regularly.  But to remove and clean hard t oclean dirt and stains plus removing smells you need upholstery to be cleaned professionally.

2) How long does it take to get my upholstered cleaned?
This will depend on the condition of the upholstery, the type of cleaning process that would be needed plus the drying time. We will advise you on the time once we have assessed your upholstery.

3) Is professional upholstery cleaning expensive?
Our cost are reasonable and affordable. Call us to find out more.

4) How often do I need to get my upholstered furniture professionally cleaned?
Industry recommendation is between every 12 to 24 months.

5) When will I be able to use my furniture after a professional cleaning?
This varies depending on the upholstery condition and the cleaning method used, drying time will vary. And it could be anywhere from 3 to 8 hours.

6) Will there be an odour?
Yes, there might be. There will be a faint scent after the cleaning. The amount of time it takes for the odour to dissipate is usually within an hour or more depending on air circulation, heat and humidity.

General Cleaning

1) Will I need to sign a contract?
No contract is needed to be signed.

2) How much will it cost to clean my home?
It will depend on several factors like size and type of your house, frequency of cleaning required, house condition and estimated duration of cleaning.

3) Are there any minimum hours of service per cleaning session?
No there is none. However, based on your size of your house and the type of cleaning you needed, we will recommend the minimum required cleaning hours.

4) What if I have to cancel?
We require a 48-hour notice for any cancellation.  Without a 48 hour notice we will have to charge for the full cleaning.

5) Will I always have the same cleaning person?
It is possible to have the same cleaner all the time. Sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances this isn’t possible. We will update you if there is any change in cleaners.

6) Do we have to be home for the cleaning?
We do recommend that someone should be in the house when the cleaners are there.
But if the situation presents as such that no will be around in the house, that is fine with us.

7) What if I need the cleaner to do extra cleaning for me?
Yes, this can be arranged and there will be an additional charge of S$30 for each cleaner for every hour extension.

8) Are we able to customize the cleaning services or the cleaning package?
Yes, you certainly can. We will try our utmost to help you with your cleaning request.

9) What happens if my items are damaged/lost?
Do inform us at once when a damage happens or items are lost. We will render our assistance and cooperate fully

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