Windows are also an important part of our house to get it cleaned as it does affect the whole complete house cleanliness. Below are some methods you can try to see which one best suits you and it also depends what you have available in your house.

Method 1 – Use Old Newspapers.
All you need is old newspapers. Newspapers are one of the most commonly used methods.  The oil left on printing the newspaper is very effective to clean away any stains and dust on glass.  You can fold the newspaper to handheld size and start wiping your glass windows.  You are done with clear glass window again.

Method 2 – Use Water, Glass Scraper and rags
Lay dry cloth at the bottom of the glass to soak up any water during cleaning.  Soak one rag in water. Wipe the glass frame and then clean the glass with a wet clean rag. Use glass scraper to remove the water from the glass. Using a dry cloth, wipe the window frame.

Method 3 – Use Sponge Block and Detergent
You can use a wet sponge block to scrub the glass to remove stains. However, for stubborn stains, you can use some detergent to scrub again.  Once all stains removed, you can use a dry absorbent cloth to wipe away the detergent, and then wipe with a dry cloth again for better result.

Method 4 – Use Glass Cleaner
Glass Cleaner is readily available in the market.  Spray the glass cleaner onto your window glass and wipe clean with cloth or even newspaper.  Your window glass will be crystal clean again.

Method 5 – Use Vinegar and Water.
Prepare the natural cleaning solution.  Mix one portion of vinegar and one portion of water in a spraying bottle.  Spray the cleaning solution onto the glass and wipe clean.  This is one of my favorite method as vinegar also kills bacteria.


When you are cleaning your windows and if you have children in the house, just remember to keep them away when you are using the sprays like glass cleaner or vinegar water spray.  This is because you do not want them to inhale the mist of these solution or such mist to land on them.


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