1. Remove Garbage – First clear up all the garbage left behind after renovation
  2. Vacuum – Do a comprehensive vacuum of the whole house
  3. Clean windows – Use a towel to wipe the glass frame. Spray glass solution on the window glass but if there are stubborn stains, you may need a towel to remove the stains. Repeat the process if necessary. Use a  dry cloth to clean all solution on the glass.  Use a clean dry towel to wipe dry the glass frame.
  4. Clean Bathroom – Distinguished all the different materials in the bathroom and use appropriate cleaning solution for the different materials. Remove any traces of cement stains, paints and so on. Scrub the floor, wall tiles, bathtub and toilet bowl.  Clean and wipe dry faucets, mirror, cabinets and shower glass and so on.
  5. Clean Kitchen – Clean every part of the kitchen. Using the appropriate cleaning solutions.
  6. Clean Bedrooms and Living Room – Dust the walls with dusters or use a vacuum cleaner. Wipe lamps, switch boxes, air conditioners, cabinets and shelves.
  7. Clean Doors and Frames – Wipe and clean doors and frames. Use appropriate cleaner and  wiping with a towel from top to bottom and from left to right.
  8. Clean Floors – Distinguish all the types of floorings need to be cleaned. Wood flooring, ceramic flooring, marble flooring and so on uses different types of cleaning solution.  Check if there are any glue stains on the floor and if there is, scrap them off first before cleaning.
  9. Standard Checks to be conducted – On glass ensure there are no watermarks, no fingerprints and stains.


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