Wooden furniture is naturally beautiful.  Many people who have wooden furniture at home are not aware that when there are hot water droplets or water condensation from cups on the wooden furniture, it will leave behind white water stains on the wood surface if they are not promptly wiped away.  Such water stains are unable to be removed by just wiping with a cloth.

Below are some methods in getting rid of such white stains on your wood furniture.

Method 1

You need is a hair dryer set to maximum temperature.  Blow the hot air at the white patch for about 20 minutes.  The stain will slowly fade away.  Apply some olive oil to the surface area as a protective layer to prevent future surface damage.  This is the easiest method but if it did not work, then you may have to use other methods.

Method 2

Try to use furniture polish on the surface.  If it does not work, you can use industrial alcohol to gently wipe the stain.  Be careful not to use too much alcohol as this will damage the paint of the wooden furniture.  If stain is removed, remember to polish the wood surface.

Method 3

If polishing and alcohol treatment cannot remove the white patch, you can use the soft grinding method.  You can buy these soft abrasives from homecare stores. Use the soft abrasives to wipe stain using a clean soft cloth.  Repeat this process if necessary especially for stubborn stains.  The entire surface is then waxed and polished.

Method 4

If the soft grinding still did not work, use polished stone and flaxseed oil to treat the white patch.  Rub gently back and forth along the wood grain until the milky white film disappears. Polished stone is a fast cutting abrasive, so use with extra care and the intensity should be gentle. Always check the surface to ensure that it is not polished too deeply. When the white plaque disappears, immediately stop grinding, and use a soft cloth to wipe the wood clean. Then, coat the wood surface with two layers of furniture hard wax, followed by polishing the luster of the wood surface.

If none of these methods can remove the film of white patch, you will need to paint the furniture again.  Prevention is always better than cure.  Now that you are aware how hot water can stain your wooden furniture, always remember to have coasters on the table so that they are easily accessible.  There is no need to wait for the time you have guests to desperately look for these coasters anymore.

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