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Employees spent a good part of the day in the office working diligently to complete their tasks. A clean, germ and dust free environment raises productivity and keeps the office staff healthy. Have you seen office rubbish bins that are overflowing with discarded papers, food and drink remnants which will start to smell after a while, or spilled coffee on tables or on the floor?  Offices act as a breeding spaces for microorganisms that could help spread flu, cold or the other illness. This leads to employees taking sick leaves and reducing productivity. All these little things could add up to an unpleasant working environment and lowering employee morale.

What should you do? Who’s going to do the cleaning in your office? It makes economic senses to hire professional cleaners either a regular or adhoc basis from professional cleaning companies to do the work. After all, they are trained to utilize various cleaning methods ensuring offices are in the way it promotes a healthy environment.


What’s the Solution?


Hiring professional office cleaning services is the best solution.  Professional cleaners save time and are economical, companies need not worry about hiring and training cleaners plus it is hassle free. Professional cleaners provide a variety of cleaning services that could be customized or tailored to a company’s requirement. Regular vacuuming of carpets, dusting the cabinets, wiping tables to remove dust and dirt, cleaning toilets to keep it clean and odor free.  Professional cleaning companies provide a wide variety of cleaning options for offices like:

  • Wiping work areas e.g desks and tables
  • Vacuuming carpets
  • Cleaning toilets
  • Removing trash from dustbins
  • Wiping cabinets to remove dust
  • Wiping glass windows
  • And more cleaning services to tailor to your needs

Why Hire Professional cleaners?


 There are various reasons to hire a professional cleaning company for your office cleaning needs. The advantages are:


Time and cost savings. You choose and pay for the cleaning package that you need for your office. This gives cost savings on cleaning supplies and hiring a cleaner.

Cleaning schedule flexibility

You can choose the schedule when you want the cleaning to be done.

Trained and responsible cleaners

Cleaners who are trained and equipped to handle cleaning equipment and cleaning chemicals to ensure offices are cleaned properly, with minimum discomfort.

Customized cleaning services

In addition to the routine office cleaning services, other cleaning services like duct cleaning, carpet and window cleaning, will be provided by cleaning companies either on a regular basis or Ad-hoc or on demand.

Why Choose Cleaning Edge Services

WHEN CLEAN ABSOLUTELY MATTERS! Cleaning Edge Services is your one stop professional cleaners.  We simply clean thoroughly and you sit back and relax.  We have many years of experience in Office cleaning and we understand that hiring a reliable cleaning company is of utmost importance to you.  Therefore, Cleaning Edge Services ensure all our cleaners are well trained and qualified professionals. Our staff are highly trained, friendly and responsible and on top of all, we are affordable


Reach us at 97879108 or email us at for cleaning quote. Alternatively, send us a request via our convenient contact form.  We will response to you within 3 working days.


Ramli engaged our cleaning services to clean his office on a one time basis. Our cleaners did such a good job cleaning his office, that he was impressed and engaged Cleaning Edge on a regular basis to clean his office.

“Hired Cleaning Edge Services from the shortlisted cleaning companies.  We needed someone to clean our office on an ad-hoc basis initially. I am glad I have made the correct choice in engaging their professional cleaning service. Since they did a good job, we decided to hire them on a regular basis to clean our office. Now our office looks clean, have a pleasant and healthy environment.  Highly recommend their commercial cleaning services.”  

Ramli Mohammad


Office Cleaning

1) What type of Office cleaning services do we provide? 

  • Wiping work areas e.g desks and tables
  • Vacuuming carpets
  • Cleaning toilets
  • Removing trash from dustbins
  • Wiping cabinets to remove dust
  • Wiping glass windows
  • And more cleaning services to tailor to your needs

2) What if a business simply needs a round of basic cleaning tasks done on a regular basis??
If a client wants dusting, empty trash cans, and mop the restroom floors on a regular basis, then that is what is provided.

3) Are there different office cleaning packages and rates?
Yes, there are. We can tailor an organization cleaning needs, based on what type of cleaning services that they need. We can work out a customized package as well. Some things that determine cleaning rates are the size of a business and the type of cleaning services needed as well as how often the client would like cleaning done.

4) How does pour prices compare with our competitors?
Our rates are very competitive in the industry. We are committed to providing high-quality office cleaning services at top value, ensuring quality cleaning with the trained staff and customer satisfaction.

General Cleaning

1) Will I need to sign a contract?
No contract is needed to be signed.

2) How much will it cost to clean my home?
It will depend on several factors like size and type of your house, frequency of cleaning required, house condition and estimated duration of cleaning.

3) Are there any minimum hours of service per cleaning session?
No there is none. However, based on your size of your house and the type of cleaning you needed, we will recommend the minimum required cleaning hours.

4) What if I have to cancel?
We require a 48-hour notice for any cancellation.  Without a 48 hour notice we will have to charge for the full cleaning.

5) Will I always have the same cleaning person?
It is possible to have the same cleaner all the time. Sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances this isn’t possible. We will update you if there is any change in cleaners.

6) Do we have to be home for the cleaning?
We do recommend that someone should be in the house when the cleaners are there.
But if the situation presents as such that no will be around in the house, that is fine with us.

7) What if I need the cleaner to do extra cleaning for me?
Yes, this can be arranged and there will be an additional charge of S$30 for each cleaner for every hour extension.

8) Are we able to customize the cleaning services or the cleaning package?
Yes, you certainly can. We will try our utmost to help you with your cleaning request.

9) What happens if my items are damaged/lost?
Do inform us at once when a damage happens or items are lost. We will render our assistance and cooperate fully

   Hire cleaning professionals to do your cleaning, Click below to contact Cleaning Edge Services for all Your cleaning needs.

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