Weekly House Cleaning Services

For a  Fresher and Cleaner Home 


Whether you like it or not, regular cleaning is unavoidable if you want a clean and healthy place to live in.  Floors have to be vacuumed and mopped, bathroom scrubbed, table and cabinet tops wiped, dust your furniture and so on.  Instead of slaving yourself to do all these cleaning chores, you can hire a housekeeper for regular cleaning.  This is the best option for new parents or busy families so that you have more time with your loved ones or do something you enjoy. Leave the cleaning to the experts who can do them well for you.

One of the most popular cleaning services in Singapore is weekly house cleaning services due to its benefits and affordable rates.

Generally, weekly cleaning services can be one of the following tailored to suit your needs and budget:

  1. Once a week
  2. Twice a week
  3. Three times a week
  4. Customised weekly package

Once a week and twice a week package cleaning includes:

  • Clean bathrooms
  • Clean kitchen
  • Vacuum or sweep and mop floors
  • Dust living room and bedrooms
  • Wipe furniture
  • Empty trash

Three times a week package cleaning includes:

  • Clean bathrooms
  • Clean kitchen
  • Vacuum or sweep and mop floors
  • Dust living room and bedrooms
  • Wipe furniture
  • Empty trash
  • Wash clothes with washing machine and hang them to dry

Why Choose Cleaning Edge Services 


WHEN CLEAN ABSOLUTELY MATTERS! Cleaning Edge Services is your one stop professional cleaners.  We simply clean thoroughly and you sit back and relax.  We have many years of experience in weekly house cleaning services and we understand that hiring a reliable cleaning company is of utmost importance to you.  Therefore, Cleaning Edge Services ensure all our cleaners are well trained and qualified professionals to clean your house thoroughly and efficiently up to your satisfaction.

Let us take care of your cleaning so you can have a peace of mind.


Reach us at 97879108 or email us at enquiry@cleaningedgeservices.com for cleaning quote. Alternatively, send us a request via our convenient contact form.  We will response to you within 3 working days.


Santhosh has been our client for more than a year.  She has hired us for several cleaning services.  Besides her three times a week regular cleaning service with us, she has hired us for after party services when she invited relatives and friends to her house for a festive party.  After she uses her oven to grill and roast for her family, she has been contacting us for oven cleaning as well.

 “These housekeepers are just amazing. They are punctual and diligent in their work.  Once they have finished, our house looks fresh, tidy and clean. Sometimes they go out of their ways to do the extra bit of effort when the stains or dirt is very difficult to be removed.  With affordable prices and good service provide, I would highly recommend Cleaning Edge Services to anyone who is looking for a professional and hardworking cleaning service!” 

Santhosh Aditya


Weekly Cleaning

1) How do we make payment?
You can pay by cash or via secure online transfer. Payment is made at the end of the month when we issue invoice.

2) Do you need to provide cleaning equipment?
We advise the customer to provide the cleaning equipment. However, you are unable to, we will provide the cleaning materials and products.

3) Can I have the same cleaner always?
Yes, you can. However, there are sometimes circumstances that are beyond our control and you may not have the same person.

4) What are the cleaning hours?
9am to 6pm daily (including weekends).

5) Can I customize my cleaning requirements instead of following what is stated?
Yes you definitely can. Do let us know what cleaning requirements you need and we will try our best to work it out for you.

6) Do I have to keep up with the fixed regular day and time of the cleaning sessions?
Preferably yes, but if you need to reschedule do let us know early, so that we can work out the necessary arrangements as our cleaners might be engaged in other cleaning sessions.

General Cleaning

1) Will I need to sign a contract?
No contract is needed to be signed.

2) How much will it cost to clean my home?
It will depend on several factors like size and type of your house, frequency of cleaning required, house condition and estimated duration of cleaning.

3) Are there any minimum hours of service per cleaning session?
No there is none. However, based on your size of your house and the type of cleaning you needed, we will recommend the minimum required cleaning hours.

4) What if I have to cancel?
We require a 48-hour notice for any cancellation.  Without a 48 hour notice we will have to charge for the full cleaning.

5) Will I always have the same cleaning person?
It is possible to have the same cleaner all the time. Sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances this isn’t possible. We will update you if there is any change in cleaners.

6) Do we have to be home for the cleaning?
We do recommend that someone should be in the house when the cleaners are there.
But if the situation presents as such that no will be around in the house, that is fine with us.

7) What if I need the cleaner to do extra cleaning for me?
Yes, this can be arranged and there will be an additional charge of S$30 for each cleaner for every hour extension.

8) Are we able to customize the cleaning services or the cleaning package?
Yes, you certainly can. We will try our utmost to help you with your cleaning request.

9) What happens if my items are damaged/lost?
Do inform us at once when a damage happens or items are lost. We will render our assistance and cooperate fully

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