When you just move into a new home or, one of the things you will need to do is to make sure that your floors are clean, bright and gleaming. This task requires special effort since simply mopping it won’t do a perfect job. Most people often overlook floor cleaning when it comes to generally cleaning the home or office. The fact is that floor plays a prominent role in the way we perceive an entire room, especially when it comes to judging its cleanliness and size. What will you benefit from hiring professional floor cleaning service to take care of your floors? You as a homeowner need to know the process involve in the stripping and waxing of a floor.

The first thing that must be done is to post safety signs so that everyone will be aware of the areas where work is going on; this will help to ensure that those who are moving around do not slip on the wet floor. After the sign has been posted, the floor will be swept, dusted, and mopped. This is done to ensure that all form of foreign material on the floor are removed. Depending on the nature of the floor, the time to be spent on this task might vary. Nevertheless, any hole found on the floor will be covered.

When the above has been done, the stripper will then be mixed with cold water in a bucket. For fear of weakening the strength of the stripper or creating vapor, a competent floor cleaning service will know that hot water should not be mixed with their stripper. The stripper that has now been diluted with cold water will then be washed over the area, and it will be left to soak into the floor itself. In several cases, the soaking will only take seven to ten minutes. Although the time may vary, it is, however, important to note that the stripper must not be allowed to dry on the floor.

After allowing the solution to sit for a while, the floor surface will be agitated with a machine which carries PT-2000 stripping pad. Professional floor cleaning service will make use of the floor machine in small circular movements to improve the effect. All areas, including the floorboards, should be agitated. At this stage, the stripper residue must be completely removed, and if not, the agitator needs to be run again.

This is the process employed to give your floors a thorough cleaning and a high gloss shine. If you are thinking of what you need to put in place in order to get the look you desire, don’t forget that professional cleaning floor service has got you covered. Although this process is quite simple and relatively easy, a professional floor cleaning service will handle it with care and precision. Thus, give you the floor of your dream within a fraction of the time it might take you to do a similar job!

When in doubt of your floor cleaning efficiency, hire professional floor cleaning services and wait to see the kind of magic they will do to your floor!