There are few tasks you need to perform before you get started on the task of carrying out an end of tenancy cleaning. The most important thing is to determine who is going to do the actual cleaning. It is a brilliant idea if you have decided to handle the end of tenancy cleaning yourself. All you need to do is to move around the entire property with a pad and pen in order to jot down a comprehensive list of all items that will need to be thoroughly cleaned.  There is less likelihood if you take this approach that, any item or surface will be left unclean and consequently seen by your landlord when the property inventory check is carried out.

These days, most landlords will expect their property to be cleaned to a professional standard. And the inability to reach the set standard will almost certainly lead to financial penalties for the excess work that is identified, or they may well appoint their own professional end of tenancy cleaning service to re-clean the whole property. Hiring cleaning firm by the landlord can be expensive for the vacating tenant since management fee will be added to the cleaning firm’s cost. Not meeting the cleaning standard set will also make your efforts a waste because you will still be liable to pay the full cleaning cost. Below are suggestions that will help you avoid these sort of problems if you decide to clean the house you are vacating yourself.

The moment you’ve gone around, and you have made a comprehensive list of works that covers everything, the next thing to do is to get all the necessary cleaning equipment and materials needed for the job. You may think the above suggestion is an obvious thing and shouldn’t be mentioned, but you will be shocked by the number of people who attempt to clean their houses without appropriate and adequate cleaning materials and solutions. Without proper tools and material, you will scrub to no avail for hours when it comes to removing limescale from the shower head or taps or removing burnt on grease from the oven.  You are also prone to damaging surfaces like stainless steel or ceramic hobs if you make use of products that are too abrasive.

You will as well, need to make sure that all the kitchen and fridge cabinets are cleared, and that every other item is cleared off the surfaces before scheduling your work. Doing this will make the whole cleaning process much easier than if you plan to move things as you proceed in the cleaning. Then start cleaning once you are confident that all the cleaning products required are available.

If you want a tip from a professional cleaning company on end of tenancy cleaning service, we will help you tackle the hardest are first. These are the best one we can offer, is to tackle the hardest areas first. These are typically the bathrooms and kitchen as they take the most time and effort. Try to handle these areas first while you are fresh and have abundant energy since won’t want to be tackling the heaviest cleaning tasks when you’ve exhausted your energy.

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